Hello There

If there is one thing we have no shortage of here down south it’s restaurants, from the pubs to the fine dining establishments and from the funky and trendy restaurants to the great and relaxed seafood restaurants.

With such a big selection and my love for food, I thought my reviews would help people make a decision on where to visit when planning a night out, whether you are planning a romantic night out for two or a fun night out with friends or family.

Each of my restaurant reviews will be rated with one being the worst possible experience to ten, the best experience you could hope for.

I travel often, so keep an eye out for restaurants from around the country. Also having been in the industry for many years I always look for quality, fresh produce and exceptional service. Some may find I am too critical, but when you go out for a meal you want an overall enjoyable experience and I will be filling you in on where you can find these fantastic dining experiences.

This blog will be updated regularly and I’ll put in some photographs of the food as and when I can. Bear in mind that I am an average person and this is my personal views on the restaurants I have visited. I am not a food critic, just a person who has years of hospitality knowledge and knows what to look for.