Piermasters Not What I Expected

Since moving to the Devon area I’ve heard about this fantastic fish restaurant on the water’s edge in Plymouth, Piermasters. Of course when given the opportunity to dine there with some friends recently, I jumped at the opportunity.

I love seafood, so heading to a seafood restaurant on the water couldn’t get any better for me. I was really disappointed by what I found, I’m not sure if it was the after summer exhaustion or just the staff were completely disinterested, but the overall experience was not what I had read in the many reviews on this apparently top seafood restaurant.

When we arrived we were offered a small menu and while I am positive the fish was fresh, the quality was not what I expected from a restaurant that had glowing reports. We ate our meals desperate to get out of there as the solemn and somewhat miserable staff marched about. Maybe the entire experience was ruined by the waiting staff, a smile and polite word can go a long way.

I will go there again just to see if they have improved and will update you when I do.
Food Quality – 5

Presentation – 7

Atmosphere – 4

Service – 4

Overall Experience – 5

Piermasters is located at 33 Southside Street in Plymouth.


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