A Great Burger at Varsity in Plymouth

I had never been to Varsity in Plymouth before, I had seen it in passing and when my parents came for a visit, we decided to give it a try and were we glad we did. We arrived at the restaurant only to find it was pretty quiet, it was the calm before the evening storm I think.

We found ourselves a table and had a look through the extensive menu, but it was the burgers that really jumped out at us. As we headed over to the bar to place our order a very friendly barman gave us a big welcoming smile, what a pleasure. So different from these glum waiting staff that normally greet you.

The prices were affordable and to be honest I was expecting the worst, but was really surprised when the food arrived. The burgers are the best I’ve had in a while and believe me I love burgers. The one I had was stacked with cheese, bacon, egg and two burgers. Fair play I only ate half of it, but it was worth seeing what was included.

My folks both chose the bacon and cheese burgers and we were all delighted with our choices and left the restaurant happy and full, there wasn’t space for dessert, but I am sure from the quality of food presented to me, the dessert would not disappoint.

For the amount of food on the plate the presentation was amazing, the quality was second to none and the atmosphere was relaxed and informal. I am sure when it gets later it can get really packed, but for lunch this was the ideal spot in the heart of Plymouth that I will definitely be visiting again.

Food Quality – 8

Presentation – 7

Atmosphere – 7

Service – 9

Overall Experience – 8

You can find Varsity at 33 Derry’s Cross, they are situated on the roundabout.


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